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Spartan Mobile Detailing Car Wash brings unparalleled convenience to you. No more waiting or detours—experience professional-grade cleaning right at your doorstep. Whether you’re at home or work, we ensure your vehicle always shines.

We come to you, so you can always drive with pride.

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What We Offer

Interior & Exteriror Detailing

Foam Bath

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Steam Cleaning

Engine Bay Wash

Paint Correction

Paint Sealant

Fleet Wash

Headlight Restoration

Ceramic Coating

And much more…

More About Us

Professional Washing & Cleaning Of Your Car

Spartan Mobile Detailing will provide your car with the shine and protection you want and need here in Gainesville, Florida. Heat, humidity, mold, salt air, pollen, and bugs eat away at paint, chrome, dashboards, roof liners and carpets. Many of the soaps, waxes and cleaners commonly used by other car wash services contain chemicals that can strip away important protective elements.

Spartan uses only the finest quality car cleaning products to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Over 400 clean cars


VIP & Annual Pass Programs


100% Customer Satisfaction


Flexible & Affordable Pricing

Call or Schedule Your Car Wash: (352) 870-9282

Choose Your Package!

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Express Detail

This is NOT a “Premium Service”.  This is our Basic/Entry Level Pachage designed for those who just need an outsode wash & interior vacuum wipe down.

  • Foam Cannon Bath
  • 2 Bucket Wash
  • Wheels Cleaned & Dressing Applied
  • Tires Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Windows & Doors Limbs Cleaned
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Wipe Down
  • Interior UV Conditioner & Protectant Applied

Most Popular

Clay & Seal

This is our most Popular Premium Service!  Perfect for new vehicles or those that havent been clay & wired in a few months.  Helps beep vehicel cleaner & products against water spots, bird droppings and tree saps.

  • Foam Cannon Bath
  • 2 Bucket Wash
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Iron Removal TReatment
  • 6 Month Ceramic Sealant
  • Wheels Deep Cleaned & Dressing Applied
  • Tires & Trim Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Windows & Doors Limited Cleaned
  • Interior Blown Out
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Dash, Doots, AC, & Cup Holder Wiped Down

Full Interior

This is a complete makeover package of your interior.  Perfect for newly purchased & used vehicles who just need it deep cleaned.  This includes seats or carpet shampoo, exterior express detail included. (Starts at $249)

Foam Cannon Bath (if applicable)

2 Bucket Wash (if applicable)

Wheels Cleaned & Dressing Applied

Windows & Doors Limbs Cleaned

Shampoo & Wash all Interior Carpets & Floor Mats

Door Panels, Dash, & Console Properly Cleaned & Conditioned

Shampoo& Extraction on Fabric Seats & Floor (if applicable)

Clean & Condition Leather Seats (if applicable)

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Infamous Nova mbl
Infamous Nova mbl
Great service always gets my car looking brand new everytime
Kaltra Moci
Kaltra Moci
I am very satisfied with the service. The guys were quick, and have good communication skills.
Becky Dafoe
Becky Dafoe
Thoroughly awesome experience. They have great communication, prompt timing, very professional, reasonable pricing, and they did a FANTASTIC job on my truck! I will definitely use them again!
Doug Taylor
Doug Taylor
RV washed, buffed-out and waxed. Friendly, great service, reasonable price. The guys eliminated the oxidation the fiberglass was developing and made our 9-year old Class C shine like new! We look forward to using Spartan again.
Mary Blair
Mary Blair
I am very torn about this rating! I called them and Weslie was very prompt to return my call and set up an appt to detail our 2 cars. Our appts were the next day, both cars came out beautiful! He showed us where our special coatings had failed, we spoke about setting up regular cleanings and how often, great guys! 2 weeks later I contacted Weslie set up an appt for Monday at 8:30, texted him at 8am to confirm cost so I could stop at ATM for cash, got an immediate phone call that he was having car trouble and had someone coming to look at his vehicle and would contact me in an hour or so to reschedule for later that day or the next morning.....here it is Thursday and I still haven't heard back from him, I even texted him Tuesday morning as he had mentioned making the appt for 8:30 Tuesday morning to give him a different address. We liked him and felt him and his employee did an excellent job....all we needed was communication!
I have a 2018 Kia Soul. It was so dirty and full of pollen and the top had tons of tree sap on it. No detailer could clean my top. Well, no detailer until Spartan. My vehicle looks BRAND NEW. They did a spectacular job on my car. I am so impressed.And they have their own water and electric. Plus they are super nice. I highly recommend Spartan Detailing.
Washed, waxed and detailed my boat. The job turned out great. Very professional, on time and cares about the quality of his work. The boat looks like new.
Robert Ranum
Robert Ranum
Wesley washed and polished our RV removing two years of dirt, grime and sun damage. It looks like new!
Steven Gregory
Steven Gregory
I am pretty disappointed. Weslie did pretty good at buffing the RV, but when we agreed on a price to ceramic coat the motorcycles and wax the vehicles, he showed up early to do the motorcycles (hope they were ceramic coated), and asked for the money for those right away. He was a no show to wax the 2 vehicles as promised. I did not pay for that, but it was part of the deal to get the bikes done. Two phone calls and a text message went ignored. I don't want to leave a negative review, but do want to caution others.
Naima Brown
Naima Brown
Excellent customer service, fast appointment-setting and phenomenal cleaning job. Weslie made my car like new! Will definitely use again.



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